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Fin Design Store is an online retailer which its inventory covers many different products from homewares, lifestyle accessories, and unique tech. Its target market starts at the younger age group of around 14-25 for the young people who just started wanting to be cool.**The conversion rate was <0.4% **that below the market average, and the bounce rate was >70%.


I led the revamping process, including:✽ Investigated and Analysed the user behaviour with Hotjar heat map
✽ Developed and Tested the strategy

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To understand the browsing behaviour of the visitors, I utilised the Hotjar Heatmaps which is an online tool to collect usage behaviour and map all the elements users interact with.By analysing the collected heatmaps, some insights can be concluded:80% of the visitors browsed with mobile devices
❊ The first interaction of 88% of the mobile visitors was to look through the product photos on the top of the page.

Current State

The product photos at the top were only showing the appearance of the products whilst the product details and descriptions were placed underneath (Scrolling Down).Problem
This might cause the issue that visitors will miss the important messages which may affect their purchase decision if they look through the product photos only.


After the analysis, I've come up with 2 solutions with the consideration of the browsing behaviour foundMost attention were placed on the product photo columns
❊ Visitors may not scroll down to the bottom of the page

❊Solution 1❊Objective
To lift up visitor's purchase decision progress that to allow them to obtain the product information easier,
UX Strategy
Instead of putting the product details in text or down below, I edited the product photos and put the key information (e.g. size/ key function) on the images.

❊Solution 2❊Objective
To retain visitor's attention and allow them to get to the check out page easier.
UX Strategy
I've add a ease in pop up add-to-cart notification so that the visitors can proceed to the check out page directly.


As it is a worldwide e-commerce site that consumers from different countries would probably have different opinions and behaviour. Doing a depth test/interview might not be able to reflect the markets. Considering that the average number of visitors of the site was around 500, I launched the revamps and test the market directly.
The test would last for a month while the metrics would be reviewed every week.
❊ Increase the Conversion Rate
❊ Bounce Rate
❊ Average session duration
❊ Conversion Rate

After 1 month ↓


Conversion Rate: +32%
Average session duration: +13 sec
Bounce Rate : -14%

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